blog_smA mobile mind-shift is happening, changing the way business is transacted today. What has changed? Our expectation that we can get what we want or need, right now, wherever we are.

Businesses are struggling with integrating and leveraging mobile applications across their enterprise in order to provide a consistent, seamless user experience. Security, connectivity, scalability, and multiple platforms and operating systems are creating the challenges that developers are struggling to address.

Sirius mobile domain experts bring a collaborative approach to disruptive thinking and technology innovation. And that thinking helps our clients deliver game-changing mobile solutions and great user experiences.

They use a proven mobile solutions delivery framework that clearly defines business and functional requirements, create visual concepts and workflow through mock-ups, design the APIs and Web Services required to securely access data, and develop the project scope (resources, timeline and cost) to deliver the solution. Our experts then develop and deliver the solution via an iterative process that engages the client throughout, providing immediate feedback to ensure timely delivery of a great mobile solution.

Sirius Mobile Web and Application Design & Development Services:

  • Leverage proven domain expertise in mobile solution design and development.
  • Utilize a collaborative design framework that clearly identifies and defines all business and functional requirements, integration points, and project scope required to deliver the solution.
  • Follow an iterative solution development process that ensures timely and successful delivery of the mobile solution.

For more information about Sirius Mobile Web and Application Design & Development Services, speak with your Sirius client executive, contact us, or visit the Sirius Enterprise Mobility Solutions page at