157625747Businesses today recognize they need to embrace mobile – and the opportunities and benefits it can provide if utilized correctly. But the primary challenge many companies face is how to incorporate mobile technologies and solutions in their overall strategy, and how to deliver value.

Mobile impacts our lives both personally and professionally. It is creating a mind shift that is changing our expectations and behavior. Today, people are always connected or online because of mobile, and information, products and services are available at our fingertips anytime, anywhere.

The result is that businesses must change the way they engage with customers, which means they must “think” and “execute” differently. You do not just build an app and check the box. You have to identify all the ways your organization is able to transact business with customers, and then design a complete mobile engagement based on user experience through execution and fulfillment.  Delivering the same static experience or limited functionality as your company’s Web site or traditional methods of transacting business does not work anymore. Consumers want to control when, where and how they access the information, products or services they want or need.

Mobile enables us to do this, which is why we must change how we engage with consumers starting right now.

In order to be successful, capitalize on mobile technologies and deliver great customer experiences, we need a roadmap to guide us. It is important to have a mobile roadmap for many reasons:

  • It allows you to develop a deep understanding of your target users.
  • It helps define the objectives you want to achieve.
  • It helps provides focus on when, where and how your business will engage with customers.
  • It helps define mobile moments or use cases by identifying what customers are doing, and what they desire from mobile.
  • It helps establish a shared vision across your organization on how to deliver greater value.
  • It helps synchronize stakeholder expectations and prioritize mobile opportunities.

Driving forward without a mobile roadmap can result in:

  • Potential delays launching products or services.
  • Redundant costs (e.g. design, development, infrastructure, support, etc.) across the organization due to each line of business (LOB) choosing its own path.
  • Poor integration due to a lack of planning or a well defined mobile architecture.
  • Poor customer experiences due to your lack of knowing and understanding their mobile moments.

Sirius mobility experts can help your organization develop and build a mobile roadmap that will drive value across your business and create great customer experiences. Let us demonstrate the value we can bring to your business by scheduling a complimentary mobile planning workshop at your location or one of the Sirius offices.

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