At Sirius, we see cloud adoption entering a dramatic, new phase fueled by steady escalation in client demand. More and more IT leaders are embracing cloud as the key to combating increasing budget pressures, and replacing the old-world operating model of building, owning and maintaining infrastructure.

Architected properly, cloud can provide tremendous benefits ranging from reduced costs and time-to-deployment, to more rapid application enhancements and the ability to execute new cloud-optimized applications.

Whether you know what outcomes you desire or are just getting started, Sirius can help. A national solutions integrator with deep consulting and technical expertise, our dedicated cloud practice employs solutions across all deployment models, as well as a full suite of consulting services to guide clients through what we call the PVC journey (Private -> Virtual -> Cloud).


Our services start with a complimentary Cloud Briefing, where our cloud architects and engineers work with you to understand your pain points, cost challenges and future requirements. We provide theoretical and practical guidance to ensure the highest caliber of due diligence at every stage, from planning to implementation and management.

Contact Sirius today to schedule a discussion on how a cloud solution can help your organization meet its goals. To learn more about Sirius cloud strategies, download the Sirius Cloud Overview (.pdf), and visit us online.