149480786Most experts believe current controls are no longer adequate to protect against enterprise security attacks, because today’s enterprise threats are more sophisticated; enterprise vulnerabilities increase dramatically with the emergence of mobile, cloud and BYOD; and explosive growth of the interconnected digital universe.

Attacks and breaches do not generally happen at the push of a button – they take several steps over long time intervals, until the hacker gets to their target (in many cases repeatedly, until the breach is identified and sealed).

So what can your organization do to protect itself from threats?

IBM’s Security Intelligence provides actionable and comprehensive insight for managing risks and threats from protection and detection through remediation. It includes a planned, methodical process that is automated, massively scalable, and real-time. It starts by asking four very basic questions:

  • What are the external and internal threats
  • Are we configured to protect against these threats?
  • What is happening right now?
  • What was the impact?

IBM zEnterprise systems have a rich set of built-in enterprise security capabilities that can help your organization simplify and improve a complex set of operational security processes. zEnterprise offers:

  • Policy-based user authentication, access control, audit and management
  • Protection of critical data using high-speed encryption and centralized key management
  • A secure foundation for enterprise cloud and consolidated workloads
  • Strengthened compliance and audit responsiveness to evolving regulations
  • Reduced operation risk with early detection of application and network vulnerabilities

Together, this provides the highest level of security commercial grade platforms need and can reduce labor costs by automating certain tasks.

Sirius also offers a number of System z security services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, including:

  • Encryption Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Services Assessment Services
  • PCI Compliance Assessment Services
  • Security Services Implementation Services
  • Z-Secure Implementation Services
  • Key Management Implementation Services

Let Sirius and IBM help ensure your organization is prepared to meet today’s enterprise security attacks.

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