successstory_featuredproductIBM PureData for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, has changed the game for data warehouse appliances. Aimed at companies that want to gain deeper insights from their data, it delivers extreme, industry-leading price-performance with appliance simplicity to help them gain a competitive advantage, make operations more efficient, and even profit from new lines of business.

IBM Netezza Analytics is an embedded, purpose-built, advanced analytics platform that empowers analytic enterprises to meet and exceed their business demands by:

  • Predicting with more accuracy
  • Delivering predictions faster
  • Responding rapidly to changes

Its advanced technology fuses data warehousing and in-database analytics into a scalable, high-performance, massively parallel advanced analytic platform that is designed to crunch through petascale data volumes – allowing users to ask questions of the data that could not have been contemplated on other architectures. It is designed to quickly and effectively provide better and faster answers to the most sophisticated business questions.

This powerful and advanced analytics platform provides the technology infrastructure to support enterprise deployment of in-database analytics. The analytics platform allows integration of its robust set of built-in analytics with leading analytic tools from such vendors as Revolution Analytics, SAS, IBM SPSS, Fuzzy Logix and Zementis, on IBM Netezza’s core data warehouse appliances. Clients have realized the value of combining data warehousing and analytics into a single, high-performance integrated system, which enables them to realize significant business value including top-line revenue growth and bottom-line cost savings. Highlights include:

  • Serious analytics – Answer questions that were previously too complex, required too much data, or took too much time to analyze
  • Data exploration – Discover subtle patterns within ever-growing data volumes to answer interrelated and complex business questions
  • Analytics on-demand – Quickly respond to dynamic business conditions to choose the best course of action
  • Simple to use – Build models and score data using existing analytics technologies, including popular analytic packages and languages
  • High-performance – In-database, parallelized algorithms take advantage of IBM Netezza’s Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing (AMPP) architecture

As a result, analytics that once seemed impossible or impractical to run are now possible.

IBM and Brightlight Business Analytics, a division of Sirius Computer Solutions, offer a number of business intelligence and data warehousing solutions and services that can help ensure that your organization is making the best use of the information and processes you already have in place – or we can create a plan and implement solutions to meet your specific needs.

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