IBMstorwizeIBM’s Storwize portfolio of tightly integrated storage virtualization systems creates efficiencies by reducing the storage space that data consumes, and the physical space its hardware occupies.

The Storwize family helps improve performance with its ability to analyze and adapt to data-access patterns. It features embedded intelligence and analytics, and is flexible enough to support cloud deployments. It also provides nearly real-time data mirroring that supports an effective disaster-recovery plan. Among its key features and benefits are:

  • High-performance thin provisioning to simplify and automate storage deployment
  • Integrated real-time compression to store up to five times as much data without impacting application performance
  • Easy Tier to provide dramatically improved performance with only a fraction of existing SSD
  • An advanced GUI to simplify management
  • Enhanced storage virtualization to improve the efficiency of the storage resources you already have

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