healthcare_pic8Greenville Regional Hospital (GRH) is a 42-bed general medical and surgical hospital in Greenville, IL, approximately 60 miles east of St. Louis, MO. Its active medical staff includes 13 full-time practitioners, with more than 50 specialty physicians who see patients for consultation and treatment each month.

The four buildings on the main campus used four separate, outdated PBX systems for their phone service. Maintaining the systems and reconfiguring the phones were dif­ficult, communication between buildings was limited, and support was almost nonexistent. A family practice facility 15 miles away used ordinary phone service, allowing no advanced features and resulting in high long-distance charges.

Cisco Unified Communications, based on Cisco UCS technology, provided an affordable, fully featured and easily con­figurable solution that responds to the hospital network’s need for advanced telephony, paging and messaging.

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