Cisco ConvergedCisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) combines computing, networking, storage access, virtualization and management into a cohesive, integrated architecture. This innovative solution helps you simplify your data center by reducing the number of devices you need to purchase, deploy and manage.

While Cisco UCS has already been proved successful, mobility, big data and the “Internet of Things” are changing the IT landscape. And in response, IT organizations are insisting on a new way to approach data center infrastructures – demanding faster, more agile and flexible options.

To address these needs, Cisco has just launched the following new and improved Cisco UCS products:

Cloud-scale computing

  • Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Servers deliver breakthrough levels of operational efficiency
  • Cisco UCS C3160 Rack Servers feature high-capacity local disk storage, making them ideal for distributed data analytics and more

Edge-scale computing

  • Cisco UCS Mini delivers servers, storage and networking in a more compact form that is easy to deploy and operate, making them ideal for small and medium-sized businesses

Data-intensive computing and core data center applications (new fourth-generation Cisco UCS Servers and Cisco UCS Director products)

  • Cisco UCS B200 M4 Blade Server, C220 M4 and C240 M4 Rack Servers deliver world-record application performance across a diverse range of workloads
  • Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data creates a seamless management and automation environment that unifies big data and enterprise applications

Craig Nelson, Executive Vice President of Services and Networking at Sirius, stated, “We are extremely excited about Cisco’s latest UCS announcements.  We believe Cisco has scored the perfect “hat trick” with the Cloud-Scale, Edge-Scale and Data-Intensive Computing platforms.  The products will drive greater efficiency, address the SMB customer set, and continue to position UCS as the leader in compute intensive – big data environments.  In less than five years, Cisco UCS has become the U.S. market leader in x86 and this announcement reconfirms Cisco’s commitment to remain that leader.”

Building on the existing Cisco UCS features, the new products bring unified computing to data-intensive analytics, applications at the edge, and the next generation of scale-out workloads. Contact Sirius to learn more about how Cisco UCS can benefit your company.

Sirius is a Cisco Gold Partner with hundreds of Cisco certifications, providing your organization with access to best-in-class networking, server and IT expertise. Sirius will work with you to identify where Cisco UCS and other Cisco solutions can address your organizations needs.

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