Sirius provides you with a single point of contact to manage all of your Maintenance Services needs

MS Solution Offerings ImageThe Sirius Maintenance Services team uses a proven methodology that improves productivity and increases efficiency, all while reducing costs. Our maintenance services can help you:

  • Reduce risk by ensuring that critical devices are covered, providing accurate inventory management, and offering access to our online portal.
  • Reduce cost through contract consolidation, so you can take advantage of the most cost-effective agreements for maintaining installed equipment.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce cycle time by eliminating time spent tracking warranty and contract expiration dates, and simplifying billing processes.

Sirius Maintenance Services offers clients access to our proprietary SMART (Sirius Maintenance and Renewal Tracking) asset management portal, which allows you to keep track of contracts and inventory, and to search for assets by serial number, model, machine or contract number. Having access to all of the contract details allows for entitlement escalation.

You’ll also be able to find details such as coverage service levels and contract expiration dates, and even place service calls online to the maintenance provider and more.

Other benefits of working with Sirius Maintenance Services include:

  • Contract consolidation for ease of management
  • Cost savings through effective contract management
  • Accurate ongoing inventory and software license management
  • Web-enabled inventory and contract information
  • Multivendor support
  • Warranty management
  • Flexible contract management
  • Multi-year financing solutions across multiple OEM

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