VMware’s VMworld 2014 is around the corner, and year after year,  their hands-on labs are among the most well attended sessions.

The labs give VMworld attendees special access to the latest VMware technologies without requiring the purchase of equipment, software or licenses. Attendees have an opportunity to try all the VMware products with a VMware-provided keyboard or their own device, and experiment with a product in the lab. Product experts are also on hand to provide immediate guidance. After a successful run of the lab, the environment is reset to a fresh state for the next participant.

Beginning in 2013, EMC’s XtremIO 100% flash scale-out enterprise storage arrays powered these labs for both VMworld US and VMworld Barcelona. Participant numbers were in the hundreds, with 36,000 VMs being built in four days at VMworld US alone. In the past, VMware has struggled with sluggish load times for their lab users, but in 2013 with XtremIO, they were consistently able to deliver sub-one-millisecond performance.

Watch this video to learn more about how XtremIO performed under the very demanding workloads generated by the hands-on lab attendees.

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