FinancingEven if you have cash on hand, financing or leasing your IT projects makes a ton of sense, and can actually cost you less than paying with cash reserves! That’s especially true if you consider the opportunity cost of tying up capital in depreciating assets rather than investing it in projects and resources that add real value to your business.

Sirius Financial Services has partnered with the industry’s best-of-breed lenders to offer you the most advantageous pricing and terms available for not just hardware, but also software, maintenance and services. Benefits of financing or leasing your IT solutions include:

  1.  Cash conservation. Why tie up cash with equipment costs when you can preserve your cash for more strategic investments? Let our lenders offer cheap money, some as low as 0%.
  2. Credit line preservation. Look at Sirius Financial Services as another low-cost line of credit that can be used for any of your technology and related services. With vendor promotions, our cost of funds will most likely be lower than existing general credit lines.
  3. Total solution financing: Sirius will assist you in financing up to 100% of your equipment, software, maintenance and services – regardless of provider.
  4. Fixed payments: Monthly, quarterly or annual payments allow for predictable and level budgeting.
  5. Cash-flow management: Instead of funding projects upfront and then waiting for uncertain ROI, you can better match cash outflows with benefit inflows by utilizing financing or leasing arranged by Sirius Financial Services.
  6. Flexibility: Payments can be structured to fit your available budget with up to six months of $0 payments, potentially allowing you to complete a project and start realizing returns even before your first payment is due!
  7. Avoiding technology obsolescence: Financing and leasing offer you the flexibility to refresh your technologies at planned intervals, with little or no increase in your monthly payments.
  8. Off-balance-sheet financing: This may allow your company to structure IT investments as OPEX rather than traditional CAPEX, similar to what many companies are seeking via cloud offerings or managed services. This structure may also help you comply with capital bank covenants, and improve certain financial ratios such as return on invested capital (ROIC) or return on assets (ROA).
  9. Purchase and renewal options: Leasing provides you with end-of-lease options and the ongoing flexibility to return, purchase or upgrade your equipment as the business requires, while keeping your monthly budget roughly the same.
  10. Manufacturer-subsidized rates: Sirius Financial Services searches our various lenders for promotional pricing or structures, and brings you the best alternatives for your consideration. Quite often the manufacturer will subsidize the captive lessor and offer you an overall lower cost of ownership vs. purchase. In effect, this is discount you leave on the table if you don’t take advantage of the finance or lease offering.

Let Sirius Financial Services be your independent advocate in the world of leasing or financing

Contact Clark Landers, Director of Financial Services at, talk to your Sirius client executive for a list of available options, or contact Sirius to speak with a representative about IT financing.

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