Cisco UCSSirius and Cisco can help you optimize your data center with Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS). Cisco UCS will help your organization reduce costs, improve agility and flexibility, and provide better security. If those benefits alone weren’t enough to convince you, let’s take a deeper look at why you should choose Cisco UCS for your IT needs.

Reason #1: Cloud-ready infrastructure

By providing a cloud-ready infrastructure, your company will experience greater efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify processes without sacrificing scalability. The best feature is that a cloud-ready infrastructure can deliver new IT services in minutes or hours, rather than days or even weeks.

Reason #2: Desktop virtualization

Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solutions built on UCS improve provisioning of end-user devices, and optimize the overall user experience. They also increase your security by centralizing the data, applications and execution environments, which helps to mitigate security breaches. Desktop virtualization also streamlines the delivery of services and frees up resources, all helping to reduce costs.

Reason #3: Business applications and database optimization

Cisco UCS can boost your operational efficiency through simplified management, increased agility and flexibility, improved visibility, and overall greater performance. It also optimizes memory for even greater performance.

Reason #4: UNIX migration

Migrating UNIX operating systems to Linux on Cisco UCS is cost-effective, with a lower TCO due to reduced cable, power, and network ports; lower maintenance and support costs; and fewer software licenses. Performance is improved through industry-standard x86 chips, and provisioning is simplified.

Reason #5: Cisco Unified Communications on UCS

Cisco Unified Communications on Cisco UCS provides a simplified infrastructure for converged video, voice, storage and compute resources. Your organization will also experience improved operational efficiency through virtualization, and holistic service and support from Cisco.

Collaboration between Sirius and Cisco provides your organization with access to best-in-class networking, server and IT expertise. Sirius is a Cisco Gold Partner with hundreds of Cisco certifications. We hold the Advanced Unified Computing Specialization, the Master Specialization in Unified Communications, and many more advanced Cisco accreditations. You can learn more about Cisco UCS and other Cisco solutions by visiting

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