466037875Did you know that database servers are among the primary sources of breached data?

As organizations aggregate more and more data, they need to be aware that much of it could be financial, personal, and other types of sensitive data that are at risk and need to be protected against rogue insiders and external attacks. Especially in an era of high data volume, variety and velocity, IT security and risk professionals need to be aware of the security issues surrounding structured and unstructured data so they can take an active role defending it.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium is one of the simplest and most robust solutions for data security and data privacy. It provides real-time data security that helps ensure the integrity of trusted information, and reduces costs by automating the entire compliance-auditing process across heterogeneous environments.

InfoSphere provides a complete approach for big data environments including IBM System z, leading the market for data security and privacy. Its data security and privacy products help:

Monitor data activity in real time by continuously monitoring access to databases, data warehouses, Hadoop systems and file-share platforms.

Audit and validate compliance, simplifying SOX, PCI DSS, and data privacy processes with pre-configured reports and automated oversight workflows.

Secure and protect big data environments to prevent breaches, ensure data integrity, and satisfy compliance.

Protect data privacy with a holistic approach to ensure compliance and reduce costs.

Assess vulnerabilities across the entire data infrastructure, providing an ongoing evaluation of your data security posture.

Safeguard both structured and unstructured data through identification, transformation and auditing.

Protect and secure data in the cloud and virtual environments, providing comprehensive data protection.

InfoSphere solutions for data security and privacy are designed to support a holistic approach, helping organizations protect their data against a complex threat landscape while remaining focused on business goals.

Watch the Data Security demonstration video to learn more.


Together, IBM and Sirius can help protect your data from unauthorized use or misuse by authorized users. Let us evaluate your IT environment to make sure your data is secure.

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