designing great experience-thumb-455x463For any online business facing pressure to increase revenue and reduce costs, Customer Experience Management is an essential strategy. Having the ability to visualize your customers’ experience and pinpoint their struggles on your Website can mean the difference between delivering better service and possibly losing their business forever.

Customer Experience Management solutions provide critical visibility, insight and answers for companies that must improve online conversion and customer retention objectives. IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management solutions enable organizations to deliver a leading-edge customer experience for their digital channels by providing deep insight into the interactions of individual customers, struggle trends, and discovery of sources of friction and quantified business impact.

How it works

IBM Tealeaf solutions capture and record online customer interactions – and how the site or application responds – in near real time. By capturing customer visits, Tealeaf visualizes the qualitative details of single interactions, helping businesses understand user actions and unexpected business results. This dataset then fuels quantitative assessments of the negative business impact that results from a customer’s online or mobile struggles, and helps prioritize opportunities for improvement and innovation.

IBM Tealeaf solutions can help your organization:

  • Provide deeper insight into customer behavior on mobile devices
  • Deliver customer experience analytics in the cloud
  • Accelerate customer loyalty with life-cycle analytics
  • Optimize the value of individual customer visits
  • Provide fast visibility into the struggles
  • Enable rapid resolution of hard-to-find usability, system or application problems
  • Improve customer service
  • Preserve digital customer interactions

IBM Tealeaf ushers in a new era of customer behavior analytics that is part of a broader, integrated customer analytics solution set for the most holistic understanding of the customer lifecycle.

Watch the Customer Experience Optimization video to learn more.

Together, IBM and Sirius can help you see things through the eyes of your customers. Let us evaluate your IT environment to make sure you are making the most of your customers’ digital experience.

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