Command CenterDo you have retiring IT resources in your infrastructure environment with skills that are more and more difficult to replace? If so, you are not alone.

As technology continues to advance, IT professionals – particularly those entering the workforce – are moving with it, focusing on lucrative skills in forward-reaching technologies rather than supporting legacy environments. As a result, fewer people are available to replace retiring personnel with expertise in the systems that you may be depending on to run your company.

Many organizations facing staff shortages are also finding they need to shift valuable in-house resources toward strategic business initiatives that will provide competitive advantages. On top of all this, HR budgets are also shrinking.

To help with these and other challenges, Sirius Managed Services provides an array of expert services to manage your infrastructure, regardless of whether it’s located at your own data center or at a facility managed by Sirius. Sirius Managed Services offerings span the core components of IT operations, from servers and storage to networking. We also offer managed business solution services such as security, data backup and recovery, and disaster recovery.

Sirius Managed Services supports these major technologies:

  •  IBM System z
  • IBM Power Systems with AIX and IBM i
  • x86 environments
  • Cisco data and voice networks
  • Storage platforms
  • Linux and UNIX
  • Windows

Our Managed Services practice has a long history of success in delivering solutions that provide benefits such as reduced cost, enhanced service and improved risk mitigation. Our services are designed to provide you with the freedom to focus on your business objectives and offload routine system-level support.

Contact Sirius today to schedule a discovery discussion around your needs. For more information about Sirius Managed Services, visit the Managed Services page on