POWER7+ There’s a lot of excitement building around the next generation of IBM Power Systems servers based on the new POWER8 processors. But what if you need one or more additional servers now, and can’t wait for the new Power enterprise servers?

IBM Global Financing has launched a new Technology Upgrade Option (TUO) that is designed to help you acquire Power Systems servers based on current POWER7+ processors now, and upgrade to the amazing, next-generation POWER8 servers when they become available with a limited increase in monthly payment. Subject to the terms and conditions of the TUO, IGF commits that the extended POWER7+ lease plus the POWER8 upgrade lease will be no more than 110% of the rent for the original POWER7+ lease.

Subsequent changes to your lease term, timing of migration, and ratio net base POWER7+ system price vs. net MES price may result in a monthly payment that is greater or less than a 10% increase. Speak with your Sirius representative to evaluate your options.

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