A 2010 survey of physicians revealed that two-thirds are using their personal devices for mobile health solutions that are not connected to their practice or hospital IT systems. One-third of physicians surveyed said they make decisions based on incomplete information. Today mobility is transforming healthcare as clinicians embrace new devices and ways of working to deliver better care, more quickly, to patients anywhere. Now, clinicians of every generation want to access their apps and information on any device — even those purchased personally — over any network.

This new landscape of healthcare IT includes:

  • Doctors gaining complete, secure access on any device to all the apps they rely on.
  • Nurses logging in to any station quickly and easily with a seamless, consistent session everywhere they go.
  • Clinicians and business administrators securely accessing real-time information wherever they are.
  • Practitioners sharing electronic health records (EHRs) as patients move among private practices, hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.

It’s a powerful new vision for healthcare — if you’ve got the tools to make it work.

See how Miami Children’s Hospital is using Citrix to remotely monitor patients and save lives:

Sirius and Citrix healthcare solutions help organizations embrace mobile workstyles and cloud computing solutions to improve both patient care and organizational performance. Complemented with broad partnerships and proven expertise, our solutions help you to:

  • Enable clinician mobility through seamless, secure access to critical Windows, mobile, Web, SaaS and custom applications, as well as file sharing services and collaboration tools, on their own device of choice.
  • Achieve operational efficiencies and accelerate time-to-value for acquisitions and healthcare consolidation by delivering IT as a cloud service.
  • Ensure privacy of personal health information and protect sensitive data wherever, however and by whomever it is accessed.
  • Empower patient-centered care and improve outcomes across locations and specializations through mobility, telemedicine and social collaboration.

To learn how Sirius and Citrix healthcare solutions transform healthcare IT through enterprise mobility management, desktop and application virtualization, data sharing, social collaboration, remote support and cloud networking, visit siriuscom.com/GoCitrix or contact us for more information.