6-10-2014 1-49-34 PMColossal data growth and tightening budgets are forcing enterprise IT — as well as leaders of individual lines of business — to view data strategy as a critical asset of the modern organization.

Addressing this need, IBM recently introduced a portfolio of transformative storage offerings, including IBM FlashSystem, to drive economic value across the data ecosystem.

The Edison Group’s recently released white paper validates IBM FlashSystem, stating that it delivers performance at “half the cost and 18 times the footprint reduction, compared to disk.” The April 2014 paper, Protecting Information in a Smarter Data Center with the Performance of Flash, credits the extreme performance and incredibly low latency of FlashSystem arrays to exclusive innovations such as IBM MicroLatency.

According to IBM, MicroLatency improves IT efficiency as a result of its high bandwidth and extreme input/output operations per second (IOPS) performance in a small footprint. IBM states this enables faster decision making by facilitating an extreme-performance data path to accelerate critical applications and help users achieve a true market-based competitive advantage.

IBM FlashSystem storage is different from traditional arrays with Solid State Disk (SSD) modules installed instead of spinning disk. It is denser, more reliable, faster and available in multiple configurations, either as a standalone storage platform or combined with IBM’s software-defined technology, which provides virtualization technology as well as advanced functions such as point-in-time copies and replication.

Whether you are looking to gain actionable insights from your data, mitigate risks, transform your data into a competitive advantage, reduce costs, or improve availability and performance, Sirius can help. Sirius is a Premier IBM Business Partner with Storage Specialty Elite status.

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