zoslogo200Built on nearly four decades of advanced virtualization technology, IBM zEnterprise servers offer an advanced combination of security, resiliency, flexibility and availability. And if your organization currently runs z/OS, you probably already know why it is the industry’s platform of choice for opera­tional analytics with enhancements for policy-based management, superb per­formance, data protection, and unrivaled data serving. But did you know that z/OS V2.1 is the perfect data hub for driving fast business insight?

IBM z/OS V2.1 offers innovative data-, cloud- and security-ready capabili­ties and a longer support window that can help deliver smarter, more effi­cient computing. Designed for speed, z/OS enables data-intensive workloads like analytics, mobile and social computing – and z/OS V2.1 can further enhance these capabilities by:

  • Optimizing your environment to meet growth and increase operational ef­ficiencies
  • Providing a superior foundation for data serving and business intelligence
  • Simplifying management of z/OS for improved productivity
  • Extending ultimate security to your enterprise through enhanced certifi­cate-processing high-strength ciphers, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and improving compliance

Does your z/OS have the support and fea­tures it needs to help you deliver smart, efficient computing? As the largest IBM solution provider, Sirius is experienced in providing the best System z, storage and software solutions for our clients’ needs. And our dedicated System z consultants can help you bridge the gap from your current z/OS version to V2.1, with our zBuild Assist, z/OS Migration, z/OS V2.1 Exploitation and z/OS Environment Manager offerings.