VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is built on the trusted foundation of vSphere and is compatible with your on-premise data center. vCloud Hybrid Service allows you to extend your workloads into the cloud with ease. You can migrate existing virtual machines (VMs) from on-premises to the public cloud or start up new application VMs directly in the cloud. You can also easily port VMs and other business-critical workloads back and forth to the location of your choice, all with the secure and capable foundation of vSphere.

Watch Greg Herzog, VMware’s Consulting Architect, Field Services, white board the basics of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service below.

Benefits of using vCloud Hybrid Service


  • OS and application support – Enjoy support for over 5000 applications and over 90 operating systems, and growing.
  • Reliable and secure service – Get the security, availability, and performance you expect from VMware while leveraging existing investments, processes, and expertise.


  • Do more, faster – Set up, tear down, test, and deploy without building new infrastructure, and go live without learning new skills or processes.
  • Room for growth – Expand or decommission virtual machines of any size.

Ease of use

  • Secure and compliant – Leverage existing IT policies in the cloud and rely on the same source of support as your onsite data center.
  • Planning ahead – Understand and plan your budget with a capacity-based subscription.

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Ruby Grace Ong is a Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.