IBM has recently announced the release of the new POWER8 platform. The POWER8 technology offers a tremendous boost in performance over past versions, with a price point that is better than ever!

Power Roadmap

How did IBM do it? POWER8 features include:

  • More cores, and eight threads per core
  • Larger cache per core
  • Larger memory
  • Improved I/O bandwidth
  • Built-in security and faster hardware encryption
  • Up to 60% boost in performance

POWER8 servers have also been optimized for even better big data, analytics and Java performance. Additionally, compared to the previous-generation Power 710 to 740 models, the new servers have improved RAS features. Paired with the ability for cloud management and simplified virtualization, along with enhanced security and availability features, POWER8 will help change your IT environment.

In addition to POWER8, IBM has also announced IBM i 7.2, which includes new features of DB2 for i that ensure the security of data in a modern environment of mobile, social and network access. The updated IBM i system has additional features that extend system management capabilities.

To learn more about POWER8 or IBM i 7.2, and to view the recorded webcast, visit