4-21-2014 8-04-48 AMIncreasing costs, tighter budgets and staff shortages are common information infrastructure challenges distracting today’s organizations from core business objectives. Failure of just one server, storage or network device in your tightly integrated IT environment can bring your business to a halt.

IBM Solutions Support, an initiative of Sirius Managed Services, is an offering that addresses these and more issues, and transforms IBM-centric IT into a business asset with financial value. Sirius Managed Services spans the core components of IT operations, from traditional application and infrastructure management to networks, storage, desktop and communications, as well as managed services for security, data backup and recovery, disaster recovery, mobility, help desk and technical support.

Visit http://smartibmsolutions.com/sirius/ and schedule your complimentary Sirius Managed Services discovery session today — because time is money, and downtime is expensive.

Viv Perry is a Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.