459519725Sirius understands the importance of a business’ need to maintain the trust of its customers, staff and partners — trust that is dependent on the security, privacy and integrity of the information, systems and services in its care. Today’s increasingly sophisticated attacks focus on acquiring information for criminal purposes. The need for a strong security program goes beyond compliance with industry and government regulations; it must ensure that critical assets are protected from breaches that expose the organization to penalties, fines and civil actions — attacks that can irreparably damage a business’ reputation and brand.

Identify and correct security risks before anyone else knows they exist

Leveraging the expertise and experience of the certified security professionals at Sirius Computer Solutions is a great first step toward securing the critical information assets of your business. Sirius offers clients a quarterly security scan of your externally facing IT service infrastructure. The assessment is repeated for subsequent quarters for a total period of up to three years (12 quarters). Sirius uses a combination of commercial and open-source tools — the same tools used by hackers — to evaluate your technical security posture and identify potential vulnerabilities and risks without exploiting the vulnerabilities or risking the integrity of your business’ information or services.

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John LaFountain is a Senior Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.