480509025Every organization is continually challenged to improve the speed and efficiency with which it conducts business. To do this, an organization would ideally have:

  • Access to the wealth of knowledge retained by each worker
  •  A way to discover and share best prac­tices for business processes
  •  The ability to establish a common understanding of process optimization ideas across the organization

Sirius offers a workshop to enable your team to visualize, critique, communicate, improve and even automate your existing business processes. This Process Modeling Workshop will help you immediately accelerate collaboration between your experts and communicate optimized process ideas across your business. The workshop is available to a limited number of clients at no charge.

Our experts will help bring visibility to your process by leveraging IBM Blueworks Live to provide a collaborative environment for your subject matter experts (SMEs) from various lines of business to come together and develop a common understanding of your entire business process.

At this workshop, we will collaboratively:

  •  Review and capture the details of an existing business process of your choice
  •  Examine how the process interacts with each line of business
  •  Use a team approach to assist with process improvement discussions
  •  Understand tooling to help facilitate the documentation of processes

Deliverables of the workshop include:

  •  A clear visualization of the process diagram, outlining the key milestones and activities that compose your business process
  •  A Process Workshop Initial Findings document, outlining significant interest points in your business process for your team to further explore
  •  Your process diagram details extracted into a Blueworks Live-compatible file (XPDL 2.1 or BPMN 2.0 format) to allow your team to import the business process into your Blueworks Live account for future refinement

Contact your Sirius representative for more information about Sirius Process Improvement practice and its offerings.

John LaFountain is a Senior Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.