VMware recently announced the release of Virtual SAN, a new software-defined storage tier. According to VMware, Virtual SAN was designed to offer clients a new, simplified storage provisioning solution with policy-driven and virtual machine-centric storage provisioning.

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Virtual SAN (Storage Area Network) provides pooling compute and direct-attached storage resources. It offers clients clustering server disks and flash for simplified and resilient shared storage designed for virtual machines.

Virtual SAN is intended to automate storage provisioning and management. By enabling scale-out architecture with built-in read/write SSD caching, the design intent is to deliver high-performance resiliency against multiple hardware failures, as well as dynamic scalability. Further, Virtual SAN is hardware-agnostic so it is built to work with server hardware from all the major server vendors.

Among Virtual SAN’s key attributes:

  • Streamlined provisioning and administration with policy-based management;
  • Hypervisor-converged storage as Virtual SAN is embedded into the VSphere kernel. According to VMware, this is intended to allow it to optimize the I/O data path for better performance than a virtual appliance or external device.
  • Its server-side read/write caching is built to leverage SSD capacity as both a write buffer and a read cache.
  • Finally, Virtual SAN is designed to lower a client’s total cost of ownership (TOC) by leveraging server disks and flash, employing standard vSphere networking, reducing power and cooling costs and boosting operational efficiency through automation.

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Viv Perry is a Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.