In today’s evolving business climate, organizations need their IT investments and solutions to be affordable and easy to manage, as well as flexible for their varying needs. IBM PureFlex System makes all that possible.

The system integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources into a single infrastructure – making it easy to manage and optimize all aspects of your IT infrastructure. PureFlex System also lowers management costs by identifying and quickly responding to your changing business and IT needs.

Key benefits:

  • Simplicity: The system comes as a comprehensive infrastructure that allows management administration from one console. It streamlines the management process by optimizing workloads and identifying possible resources to support new workloads.
  • Control: The system is designed to give you control of physical and virtual resources, while allowing for choices.
  • Efficiency: The system improves efficiency by requiring less energy for operation and its efficient design saves space in your data center.
  • Agility: PureFlex System makes your solutions ready for cloud. It also addresses current business needs, but is flexible enough to tackle your future needs as well.

PureFlex can even be managed remotely from a smartphone or tablet!

IBM Pureflex Systems - up to 40% energy costs reductions!

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Last year, Sirius Computer Solutions became the first IBM partner qualified to perform installation and configuration services for PureFlex Systems. Learn more about PureFlex Systems and how Sirius can help you get set up.

Watch the short video below to learn more about PureFlex Systems and how it works.