I want to take a moment to demonstrate how EMC ViPR + VMware work together to bring storage automation to VMware environments today.

By utilizing ViPR with VMware, a company’s Storage Administrators and Virtual Infrastructure Administrators partner to enable seamless and efficient automation of the most common VM data storage management functions:

  1. Data Store Lifecycle Management: Create, Delete, Expand
  2. Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) with VM Storage Profiles
  3. Provisioning Raw Device Mappings (RDM)
  4. Storage Monitoring and Analytics

The benefit? VI Administrators can efficiently self-manage their own data storage from the comfort of their VMware tools, and Storage Administrators are assured that storage will always be managed according to their policies. Everyone wins!

Please take a few minutes to watch this demo showcasing how the integration works. You’ll see first hand the benefits experienced by IT departments using ViPR + VMware together.


This blog article was written by Salvatore DeSimone, ‎Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at EMC Advanced Software Division. This post was originally published at EMC’s Rethink Storage Blog.