Citrix and Intel have had a long history of successful mutual joint collaboration. Many of Citrix products take full and direct advantage of Intel’s hardware-assisted technologies. To name a few:

  • Citrix Xen Project open-source hypervisors has entertained long time supported from Intel with Intel being an active member of its steering committee. Xen has become the virtualization platform of choices for large publics cloud vendors like RackSpace and Amazon.
  • Citrix XenServer Enterprise virtualization solution which is based on Xen open source hypervisor takes full advantage of the scalability and hardware-assisted virtualization capabilities of Intel Xeon family of processors.
  • Citrix XenClient family of products take advantage of Intel® hardware-assisted virtualization technology for memory, CPU, GPU and I/O to provide centralized management and secure isolated containers for running enterprises applications and desktops.

Citrix has published many blogs and papers recently demonstrating our strong joint collaboration with Intel:

We’re glad to announce a new area of joint collaboration between Citrix and Intel bringing the combined value of Intel’s Hardware-assisted security, Intel Security software solutions along with Citrix InnovativeXenMobile solution for Enterprise Mobility Management together into market targeting Intel’s based Android Devices.

XenMobile allows IT to easily meet mobile device security and compliance requirements for BYO and corporate liable devices while giving users the freedom to experience work and life their way. Citrix XenMobile provides the quickest path to productivity for mobile users with the lowest cost of ownership:

  • Access secure mobile, Windows desktop, SaaS and web apps from a unified corporate app store.
  • Deliver productivity apps including native-like email and browser that both users and IT love.
  • Secure enterprise apps with a single line of code or wrap apps post development without adding any code.

Intel Device Protection Technology (DPT) comes with security and manageability extensions to the Android environment augmenting the combined value of:

  • Software containers for isolating and combining applications together.
  • Policy based data access and leakage prevention.
  • Proactive malware protection against malicious applications and web domains.

Together, Intel DPT with XenMobile will protect Intel Android based mobile devices, applications and data. Enabling mobile employees to access corporate assets securely. They further accelerate the adoption of Android-based devices across organizations. Intel-based devices with Intel DPT running Android OS have enhanced layers of security built in. XenMobile will fully leverage the manageability extensions for Android offered by Intel DPT. In doing so, XenMobile will provide IT with full administrative visibility and control, including access to enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities, like application management; device configuration, inventory, and remote management; and communications and network configuration, among others.

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This blog article was written by Ahmed Sallam, ‎Citrix VP and CTO, Hardware, Security, Emerging Solutions and IP. This post was originally published at The Citrix Blog.