There is a lot of buzz around the new 802.11ac wireless standard, which promises superior performance compared to 802.11a/b/g/n networks, through an increase in throughput and reduction in interference. It provides a reliable wireless network for mobile users while supporting a broad range of applications, without compromising total network performance.

802.11ac offers:

  • Anytime access to network resources and applications
  • Optimum performance to support the growing number of BYOD mobile users
  • Quality of service for consistent voice and video over the wireless LAN
  • Reliable connections for mission-critical applications
  • Predictable coverage for challenging RF environments

Designed specifically for high-density and next-generation deployments, the new Cisco Meraki MR34 is the world’s fastest cloud-managed wireless access point. Using wider channel bandwidths, more efficient transmission technologies and less crowded channels at 5 GHz helps the MR34 achieve speeds up to 1.75 Gbps, while also providing administrators complete visibility and control.

Adopting 802.11ac wireless today can protect your long-term investments, because it lowers your total cost of ownership by delivering the performance needed to support new applications and meet user expectations for mobility. And making the switch with Cisco Meraki provides the confidence that you’re getting the superior quality and reliability that you expect from the world leader in networking technologies.

Sirius is a Cisco Gold Partner with a dedicated practice of technical specialists and consultants who hold hundreds of Cisco certifications. Focused on IT optimization throughout the data center, we work with companies of all sizes to architect, configure, implement and support total solutions based on Cisco’s industry-leading technologies and products.

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