How do customers perceive their every interaction with your company? Do you know exactly what it’s like to be a customer of yours, and what kind of customer experience your company is delivering day in and day out?

Are your customers waiting too many seconds on hold, or too many hours for a service call, or do they come back to an online shopping cart that’s no longer there?

Or are they remembered, given helpful suggestions, and provided with everything exactly as it was promised?

Creating a consistent, positive customer experience across multiple channels is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Customers today demand and expect better services and a higher level of satisfaction, and are quick to move on when they perceive their needs are not being met. How can you gain complete insights into your digital customers’ behavior and preferences? And how can your organization deliver better Web and mobile experiences, as well as provide more effective customer service?


The answer is customer experience management

IBM and Sirius have helped clients address these types of challenges with Tealeaf Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions. IBM Tealeaf solutions help customer-centric organizations deliver better digital customer experience with powerful solutions that can help you increase online conversion rates, raise customer retention rates and improve customer satisfaction.

See your digital channels through the eyes of your customers

Using groundbreaking technology, IBM Tealeaf solutions capture and record every digital customer interaction, and information about how the site or application responds in real-time. By capturing every customer visit, IBM Tealeaf solutions visualize the qualitative details of every single interaction, uniquely helping businesses understand user actions and unexpected business results. This rich customer experience dataset then fuels quantitative assessments of the negative business impact that results from customer’s online or mobile struggles, and helps prioritize opportunities for improvement and innovation.

With IBM Tealeaf solutions, e-businesses benefit from:

  • Maximizing the value of every single customer visit (Web and mobile) and ensuring that more transactions are completed successfully.
  • Immediate visibility into the struggles affecting customer behavior and their business impact (without tagging or impacting site performance or reliability).
  • Rapid resolution of hard-to-find usability, system or application problems.
  • Improved customer service when agents have instant access to online customer sessions.
  • Preserving digital customer interactions to resolve customer disputes quickly and accurately.

Click here to watch a two-minute video on customer experience management with IBM Tealeaf.

Vinia Tugade is Corporate Communications Manager with Sirius Computer Solutions.