Mobile devices used for businessRethink engagement and reinvent relationships to bring customers back for more

While the pace of business and the speed of content continue to accelerate, so does the demand to reach your audiences through a rich and robust digital experience, through multiple channels and devices. IBM’s Digital Experience solutions are uniquely designed to help create, manage, simplify and integrate your processes to meet these demands by incorporating capabilities, such as:

  • Mobile Experiences – Build engaging mobile experiences that display perfectly on smart phones, tablets or computers. Content and mobile applications can be dynamically rendered on any device, giving marketers more flexibility in creating engaging sites for users across all digital touch points.
  • Analytics & Optimization – Easily measure performance, understand user needs and develop targeted campaigns with enhanced tagging, SEO capabilities and Web analytics tools.
  • Rich Media Management – Simplify the process of editing, publishing and managing Web content. Teams can incorporate rich media across both Web and mobile channels without having to rely on support from IT and create more targeted experiences for your customers.
  • Social Technologies – Become more agile with the ability to conduct in-place, real-time Web page and channel delivery analysis on a company portal or on an external social networking site to quickly make insightful business decisions and determine the sentiment of customers and employees.

Take your digital experiences to your users no matter where they are!

Learn more about IBM’s mobile-ready digital experience management solutions by watching this short fifteen-minute webcast entitled “Understanding the Mobile Features and Options of the IBM Digital Experience” presented by Tyler Tribe, a Senior Product and Offering Manager for IBM Software Group (SWG).

For more information on IBM Digital Experience Management solutions, contact your Sirius client executive, or click here.


Vinia Tugade is Corporate Communications Manager with Sirius Computer Solutions.