vmworld2013logoVMworld 2013 had a record 23,000 attendees that came to San Francisco to learn how VMware is delivering innovation with the software-defined datacenter, hybrid cloud and end user solutions built for the mobile-cloud era.

Here’s a recap of the key announcements made during the VMworld:

  • VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS)
    • Now generally available to all US clients.
    • Includes new capabilities and solutions, including:
      • Direct Connect: Connect to the vCloud Hybrid Service over private networks, providing secure and consistent connectivity.
      • Disaster Recovery as a Service: Auto replication of data and apps for rapid recovery in case of an outage.
      • Could Foundry Platform as a Service: Providing full support for the open source Cloud Foundry distribution and Pivotal CF.
      • Horizon View Desktop-as-a-Service: Running View desktops in the cloud.
  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
    • Building on the release of the vCloud Hybrid Service, customers can deploy virtual desktops from the VMware cloud. The VMware Horizon View DaaS is available today with a fixed price per seat offering for vCloud partners and customers.
  • Horizon Workspace 1.5
    • VMware released additional ready devices for Horizon, to now include the LG G2, HTC One (Verizon) and Motorola DROID models.
    • The recent update also includes tighter integration of Horizon Mobile for mobile management
  • VMware NSX the new platform for network virtualization from the software-defined networking stack.
    • Software designed to virtualize the network and deliver the entire network stack from L2 through L7. The new platform decouples the network from the underlying hardware, yet leverages existing network infrastructure to improve service delivery, agility and cost reduction.
    • Physical networks will transform to a pool of transport capacity that can be allocated or reallocated on demand through centralized management.
    • Over 20 vendors at VMworld announced support for VMware NSX.
  • VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) from the software-defined storage stack.
    • This new technology combines compute in storage into one ESXi host. By utilizing local SSD and magnetic HDD, the storage in each ESXi host of a cluster is combined to create a shared storage solution with more agility and a lower cost then traditional SAN and NAS storage. The virtual storage can live anywhere across the pool with fault tolerance.


Curt Stalhood is Sirius’ Manager, ISS