hitachiWith more and more of our clients looking at flash for their Tier 1 storage systems, there’s a lot of interest – and questions – about what advantages our different partners can offer. I ran across something from HDS the other day which perfectly sums up their case for the Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM) all-flash system. Since there’s nothing quite like a “Top 10” list to clear the clutter and boil down a message, here are the highlights of Hitachi’s Top 10 Advantages of the Hitachi Unified Storage VM All-Flash System:

  1. Blazing Performance: Double the performance of disk-based systems.
  2. Surprising Economics: 60% better cost per I/O in less space with less power.
  3. Ease of Integration: Application plug-ins, application-aware snap management, and deep VMware integration.
  4. Unmatched Reliability: Nonstop uptime, 100% data availability, 24/7 computing with a 100% data availability guarantee.
  5. Supreme Flexibility: Adapt with the ability to change to a hybrid system, virtualize external storage, and support advanced Hitachi functionality.
  6. Unified Management: HUS VM is supported by the same award-winning Hitachi Command Suite as the rest of their storage systems.
  7. Remarkable Efficiency: With Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning and Thin Image snapshot software, you can allocate more than you use in flash, and copy without capacity overhead.
  8. Virtualize and Turbocharge: With external storage virtualization, HUS VM all-flash system can be added into an overtaxed environment of older HDS or third-party storage for immediate performance, management and utilization benefits.
  9. Portfolio Breadth: The broad Hitachi storage portfolio makes it possible to move to a tiered or disk-based
  10. Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Acquisitions, mergers and buyouts seemingly change the vendor landscape on a quarterly basis. All-flash performance plus Hitachi’s 100-year history result in a trusted partnership.

>> Click here to read Hitachi’s Top 10 Advantages of the Hitachi Unified Storage VM All-Flash System to get the whole story.

Rachel Virgil is Sirius’ Strategic Alliance Manager.