Cyber attacks on government agencies are continuously increasing, spotlighting the need for those agencies to understand the risks and protect government (and citizen) confidential information.  The statistics are a constant reminder for all technology professionals – including technology users, departments, solution providers and manufacturers – to stay constantly aware of the threats aimed against us. Unfortunately every strategy to increase security is met with a new strategy by people and organization who want to do us harm. None of this information is “new” news and every person and organization that delivers technology at any level understands the security challenges we face.

NetApp is actively doing something about it

In July 2013, NetApp announced the NetApp U.S. Public Sector Cyber Alliance, launched to address this complexity and to enable technology companies to work closely together to provide proven, integrated solutions. The NetApp Cyber Alliance is a collaborative program designed to establish partnerships and to enhance the interoperability of cyber solutions based on NetApp® storage, virtualization, and big data technologies that help government agencies to go further, faster in providing services to their constituents. The main goal of the program is to develop capabilities that enable organizations to better mitigate and respond to cyber threats.

Many best-of-breed security companies have joined the alliance, offering a broad range of integrated solutions to meet every agency’s cyber security challenges:

•nPulse Technologies

•Merlin International




Tripwire (a Sirius client utilizing NetApp technologies extensively in both their production environment and in terms of increasing the value of their security solutions)



NetApp has government solutions for state and local agencies, public sector contacts, civilian, Federal Systems integrators and department of defense.  Governments coping with Big Data and small budgets can rely on NetApp expertise for flexible, efficient, and secure data management solutions.

Big Data

Today’s governments must deliver more citizen-centric services on tightening budgets. New security mandates require the management and protection of Big Data. NetApp’s innovative technologies enable flexible and efficient IT as well as real-time access to vital data. They also deliver real intelligence for governments’ top missions.

Data Center

NetApp is a leader in building data center solutions that help governments and agencies improve performance, increase efficiency, and lower costs.


Cloud computing enables a service delivery model that lets state and local governments automate processes, meter usage, and create showback or chargeback models. NetApp solutions help you deliver Infrastructure as a Service to your departments and agencies for greater cost savings, utilization, and efficiencies.


Desktop virtualization software allows governments to deploy and manage desktop environments and applications centrally – helping you to deliver a consistent interface to agencies and citizens. It also can increase productivity by enabling mobile apps.


Organizations and agencies must balance the need to allow access to their data with the need to protect that data from attackers. NetApp takes a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity by providing technologies and solutions that enable agency data to be protected and trusted, while still remaining accessible.

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Sue Griffin is the Director of Corporate Communications with Sirius Computer Solutions.