xenmobileCitrix XenMobile – Announcing Zero-day Support for Apple iOS 7

Today, Citrix XenMobileTM is introducing zero-day support for Apple’s newest operating system – iOS 7. A product update for Citrix XenMobile is available to provide support for all iOS 7 devices. This update enables XenMobile customers to continue managing and securing the latest iOS devices, apps, and data All Citrix XenMobile customers using the MDM, App or Enterprise editions of the software can rest assured that they can support iOS 7 devices in their environment including the new iPhones 5S and 5C. All of the details of the product update and customer documentation links can be found at http://www.citrix.com/products/xenmobile/iOS7.

So, what is in iOS 7 and how does Citrix XenMobile help? Read on…

Apple does it again

Apple’s ability to drive consumer interest in its products is unmatched, and this time around with the most enterprise-friendly iOS release, the attention is coming from enterprises wanting to manage iOS devices at work. Unless one is just waking up from a summer-long slumber, it would have been hard to miss the news of Apple’s OS update since the buzz generated from the Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference in June. As one of the most significant updates from Apple, iOS 7 offers businesses new advanced features to manage the ever-growing number of apps in the enterprise. My opinion is that iOS 7 will do to enterprise adoption of iOS apps, what the GPS did for the way we looked for directions. Apple has raised the awareness of mobile apps for work and has paved the way for enterprises to adopt iOS apps in increasing numbers. Apple has provided a good summary of the business features in iOS 7.

Citrix XenMobile – making a good thing better

At Citrix, we have been looking forward to the general availability of iOS 7.  I see the changes introduced by iOS 7 as confirmation of the Citrix strategy for mobile app management and security with a per app containerization model as opposed to partitioning the device into dual persona modes resulting in sub-optimal user experiences. Managing enterprise apps and data securely alongside the devices and addressing security at the network layer have been core strengths of the Citrix mobility offerings.

XenMobile complements and extends iOS 7 features, providing IT organizations the flexibility to address mobile security across the enterprise including:

  • Support for heterogeneous device environments– Many enterprises need to address device, app and data security for BYO or corporate issued devices across a variety of platforms. Citrix provides businesses with one, consistent app management strategy across all app types and platforms – iOS and Android. iOS 7 app security features can be seamlessly combined with those from the Citrix Worx App SDK to deliver end-to-end security for apps.
  • End-to-end policy controls – XenMobile provides more than 60 different app control policies, extending app control features beyond native the OS. For example, XenMobile policies can control access to the corporate network from public WiFi networks. This can help ensure that apps that access sensitive data are blocked when the device is on an unsecure WiFi network like a coffee shop. Conversely, app level policies can be set to require connection through a specific wireless SSID in order for the app to access information. XenMobile can also control the ability to copy and paste, print or externally sync contents from secure managed apps.
  • Support Multiple App Types – Citrix uniquely supports any app type including mobile, Windows, SaaS, and Web apps to any device, offering single sign-on (SSO) and authentication across application types.
  • Manage Apps without Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Citrix provides the same level of app security and management on iOS 7 devices even in situations where a MDM solution is not deployed and iOS 7 app security features cannot be activated, such as with contractors or temp workers or in countries or businesses with strict privacy laws. Jack Madden has a great blog post where he articulates the difference between MDM and MAM based management of apps and the scenarios where they apply.

Apple iOS 7 promises to bring exciting changes. So get your enterprise ready and know that Citrix has got you covered with zero-day compatibility support for iOS 7.

Chandra Sekar, Citrix.  This post was originally published at The Citrix Blog.