We participate in a dynamic world fed by an exciting industry.  The influence technology has over our lives continues to escalate.  Every so often, there is an advancement in technology that profoundly affects our lives.  Think about how the Internet has changed our everyday lives.  When is the last time you used a hard cover encyclopedia, or even physically went to a library?

Even more recent, and arguably more impactful, how has the iPhone changed our world. When is the last time you used a paper map, or even the Yellow Pages?  Do you still wait to get back to the office or your home computer to return urgent emails?  Several OEM’s launched tablets over the years, but none succeeded until the iPhone warmed up the market to the iPad.  As a pilot, my cockpit has never been more powerful and automated than it is now-I have all the charts, moving maps, checklists and even real time cockpit weather (with radar) on my iPad for exponentially less than what it would previously cost to outfit commercial cockpits with similar tools.  Positive Disruption!

Disruptive technologies inject elegance into our day.  They change how we can look at various challenges and how we can solve them.  IBM’s “Pure” technology offerings (PureFlex, PureApp, PureData)  is a recently introduced disruption in the traditional thought of computing.  It is doing to data centers, what the iPhone did to the consumer market.

PureFlex combines the compute needs with the storage needs into one simple-to-manage platform.  PureApp and PureData build upon that powerful simplification of PureFlex by adding application layer simplification for PureApp and data layer simplification for PureData.

PureData enables enterprises to benefit from a finely tuned database appliance that is optimized for a specific workload – like transactional, operational, analytics and even Hadoop/unstructured.

PureApp takes this a step further by allowing ISV’s to build packaged patterns for PureApp that can be deployed in a fraction of traditional methods and also allow the allocation of appropriate compute and storage resources to those provisioned patterns.

The consumer market went from this:


to cause an innovator to think of it this way:


…and to produce this:


IBM has taken a similar perspective on today’s data center. Previously one had to proliferate “fit for purpose” function-specific technology silos.  IBM has hardened highly scalable compute patterns, simplified the provisioning and management of these platforms to drive cost out of the infrastructure and accelerate time to value with PureApplication to look like this:


Enterprises can now move time and cost out of computing and into their core competencies. With PureApp they can enjoy:

  1. Up to 55% reduction in IT costs through lifecycle management and maintenance simplification, as well as reduction of repetitive tasks.
  2. 70% energy and facilities cost reduction through consolidation and concurrent management of VM’s.
  3. 30x faster application provisioning (i.e. up and running in 4 hours.)
  4. With this optimized software and hardware, seeing 2.3x performance improvement for data intensive applications
  5. Dynamic/Elastic scaling of resources in minutes
  6. 5 clicks to complete DR setup.
  7. Simplified software license management.
  8. An extraordinary private cloud solution.

This technology has disrupted traditional datacenter thought and is changing the way enterprises are building out their necessary compute infrastructures.  It is solving traditional data center challenges with a new and innovative approach.   For those looking to build public and hybrid cloud infrastructures, this is a great platform to consider.

Does it make sense for you to still carry around a cell phone, MP3 player, paper maps, phone book, and a laptop while out of the office? No!  It makes even less sense to continue to proliferate under utilized function specific servers attached to function specific storage with function specific applications built upon them, with function specific software licensing and function specific application management solutions.  Take advantage of this disruptive technology and leverage PureApp to simplify your compute infrastructure which enables you to invest real dollars in the core competencies your business requires to remain competitive in this very dynamic market place.  PureApp = Positive Disruption. Leverage it!

Darrin D. Nelson is the Vice President, Software Solutions with Sirius Computer Solutions.