Sirius Computer Solutions was showcased in a recent IBM Exceptional Digital Experience broadcast for our efforts in a project that combined WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal with Web Content Manager to produce an engaging customer experience.

Web users no longer distinguish sales channels or medium. Whether on a smartphone, computer screen or in person, people don’t think consciously about how information is accessed or commerce is transacted — they just do it.

Imagine walking into a store and asking the clerk about the latest biking gear. The Performance Bike team wanted to simulate the same experience of authoritative advice on the company’s Web site. They imagined capturing the passion and expertise of Performance Bike’s employees on the Web. This vision would materialize as the Performance Bike Learning Center, a library of rich media content available on the Web site and connecting the company’s product line to user-centric information.

PerformanceLearningCenterPerformance Bike already had a successful WebSphere Commerce site, but they needed to add content management capabilities. They needed a system that would allow non-technical users to submit content, and the company’s brand managers and line of business employees to proof it before publishing it live on the site.

Sirius Computer Solutions was tapped to architect the solution. The library of rich media content was put into IBM Web Content Manager, and the system was integrated with WebSphere Commerce so users see just one Web site containing helpful information about the products it sells.

So far, the Learning Center has proved very successful. It is a top 10 traffic referral (beating YouTube and Yelp!), and traffic from the Learning Center converts at 1 percent.

Now that the Learning Center has created a place for the Performance Bike community of users, the next step is to track the community, their feedback about the brand and their buying behavior.

Paul Bucalo is a Solutions Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.