Stoked by Power7 and Power7+ server sales and growing interest in PureFlex pre-integrated infrastructure, storage developments, and the emergence of managed systems, Stan Staszak of Sirius Computer Solutions is a happy guy. Staszak, the director of Power Systems solutions at Sirius, describes 2013 at the halfway point as “one of the best years we’ve seen in a while.” He gives partial credit to the rebounding economy, but most of it to the price/performance of the Power7 and Power7+ product lines and an IBM Power Systems lineup on the rise.

That’s not surprising for an executive in the IBM sales channel, where a briefcase full of confidence is part of the business attire.

Power Systems accounts for about 20 percent of overall business at Sirius, which not that long ago collected 85 to 90 percent of its total revenues from the IBM midrange platform and companies running JD Edwards software. That’s when Staszak was the new guy at Sirius. Since then, Sirius grew in many directions that stretch beyond OS/400 and IBM i and beyond IBM. However, Power Systems remains the flagship server brand, according to Staszak, who has witnessed the changes at Sirius and in the IBM midrange.

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Ruby Grace Ong is a Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.