Today we will be discussing cloud security in relation to clients pursuit of cloud computing

Moving to the cloud has a very important value proposition; to reduce total cost of ownership while simultaneously improving service levels to the business. However there are hidden costs in the form of risk when conducting such a venture. It is critically important, when considering migrating lines of business to the cloud, that both costs and ALL-IMPORTANT security are understood and properly mitigated.

The Sirius Security Solution Consulting team helps clients determine both the cost and the risk associated with use of cloud services across the broad cloud landscape of private cloud, hybrid cloud, managed hosted cloud, and public cloud. Jim Rice, Sirius Computer’s Director of Security Solutions explains more about how Sirius approaches cloud security, and what makes us stand out from the crowd.


SecurityFramework_400HWe live in a world crowded with significant security threats that put our clients’ business at considerable risk. It’s hard to pick up a paper or listen to news without hearing another story about a cyber threat, or a business that lost control of critical data or personal information. This is why security has become top of mind – not just for every IT professional, but especially for the executive leadership at every organization.

As a solutions integrator, Sirius Computer Solutions is uniquely positioned not only to identify the security gaps, but also to respond with products and services that help our clients protect their critical business assets. In a field crowded with small and very specialized boutique security firms, we are not only able to point out the vulnerabilities, but also to bring best-in-class solutions to improve clients’ security posture and to meet the demanding regulatory requirements common in many industries.

Our security solutions team provides access to certified security experts who have extensive experience in a variety of industries and security disciplines. Our consultants provide clients with technical security architect reviews that identify security gaps and provide specific and actionable recommendations for gap closure.

From security standards to regulatory compliance, and covering the full spectrum of remediation, Sirius has delivered security solution engagements to many different industries across the country. We have also established a wide variety of security partnerships, which allows us to offer a full spectrum of capabilities designed to meet the security challenges faced by our clients. Our security partners also bring service delivery capacity so Sirius can be responsive to client security needs when those needs arise.

The three types of security services we offer are Standard Security Framework Assessments, Regulatory and Compliance Assessments, and Remediation Activities.

  • Standard Security Framework Assessments examine the security standards that establish the frameworks within which businesses govern their information assets. Clients that have experienced changes in leadership or business structure such as those resulting from mergers or acquisitions – often need Sirius to assess their security posture.
  • Regulatory and Compliance assessments (our most common consulting assessment) help clients ensure that their businesses operate within well defined regulatory controls. For example, healthcare organizations must comply with HIPAA/HITECH controls, while retail businesses must meet PCI standards. Whatever the industry, organizations need to periodically ensure that their business is compliant with the appropriate regulations. Sirius has the ability, either internally or with certified partners, to assess the compliance of the client’s business and recommend products and solutions to close identified gaps.
  • Remediation Activities result when gaps in security posture are identified. In response to security standards or compliance needs, Sirius clients often need to improve their security posture. Sirius is uniquely qualified to offer technical architecture reviews and vulnerability scans, and to offer security products from our brands and partners to improve the security of our clients’ businesses.

Clients come to Sirius for security solutions because we can assess the environment AND remediate gaps and issues. If you are interested in our security solutions, click here to contact us.

Ron Faltin is Sirius’ Director of Business Development for Cloud Computing.