25logoThe IBM i celebration continues with a new chapter on Facebook paying tribute to business partners, who have led the way over the years in bringing IBM i to market with high levels of customer satisfaction. Roughly 60% of year-to-year IBM i channel revenue is realized through its business partners. Reminiscing with us on the subject today is Stan Staszak, Director of Power Systems Solutions at Sirius Computer Solutions.

Happy 25th anniversary…or should I say, happy birthday, IBM i! Back in 1988, I was in college, trying to figure out my future. The platform is a lot like me 25 years later…it’s still strong, secure, reliable and sexy (OK, maybe the last one is a bit of a stretch). Even after all of these years, it still provides the same characteristics—legendary reliability, terrific scalability, bulletproof security, easy management and great ROI. It’s a terrific platform to ‘bet your job on’…over the past 20 years I’ve worked with literally hundreds of clients and I’ve never known a single one who lost his job (or his good reputation) for deciding to host his business’ workload on IBM i.

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Ruby Grace Ong is a Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.