Five-page paper from NetApp highlights trends, developments and tips to make your storage environment more efficient.

NetApp_sm_08Yes, storage is a challenge for every IT professional, and affects companies of all sizes. But smart strategies implemented to address your specific challenges can save significant dollars and – most importantly – save significant man-hours that could otherwise be wasted. Don’t let storage growth and complexity paralyze your corporate and IT objectives.

The Top 10 Smart Things to Know about Storage include:

  1. Storage Scaling
  2. Acquisition Costs Are on the Rise
  3. Storage Complexity is Decreasing
  4. Thin Provisioning is Becoming More Popular
  5. Downtime is Getting More Expensive
  6. Data Migration is Becoming More Complex
  7. You Need to Protect Your Data
  8. Deduplication: Why It’s a Good Idea
  9. The Cloud
  10. Unified Storage Is the Solution

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Ruby Grace Ong is a Corporate Communications Specialist with Sirius Computer Solutions.