October 2017

A System of Systems – The Possibilities of IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the networked connection of everything – people, processes, data and things. These connected devices collect data, and thus have a wealth of knowledge that can be leveraged to achieve [...]

Infographic: How to Thrive in the IT Modernization Jungle!

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Sirius, a Dell EMC Titanium Partner and national integrator of technology-based business solutions, is the perfect guide to help you navigate through the data center modernization jungle. Our dedicated storage team has 800 combined Dell [...]

Your Data & Analytics Questions Answered

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Last month, we hosted a Data and Analytics Fireside Chat Webinar. Darren O'Neill, senior director of Manufacturer Data Solutions at McKesson, and Sirius’ VP of Data & Analytics Solutions Joe Grant Bluechel, answered questions submitted [...]

The Top Three Requirements for Securing Endpoints

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Admit it—when you were a kid, you checked your closet for monsters or underneath your bed, fearing that your worst nightmare was out to get you. For IT leaders, there’s something a lot scarier than [...]

Automation – An Important Part of your Data Center

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Today’s data center architectures are becoming more complex and increasingly software-defined, making them increasingly difficult to manage without a strong automation strategy. Agile processes have brought great changes to the supporting application development landscape. Now, [...]

White Paper: How Data Feedback Drives DevOps Success

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Many organizations struggle with implementing agile solutions that can respond to change and opportunity as fast as customers demand. The successful ones are focusing their efforts on improving their DevOps strategy through real-time data. According [...]