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How IoT Innovators Solve Real World Problems

From delivering pizzas faster, to saving money on energy bills, to improving healthcare systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) affects the convenience and the quality of our daily lives. As IoT technology continues to rapidly evolve, the true innovators are the ones incorporating a human touch. We spoke with E.G. Nadhan, chief technology strategist for [...]

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Plan Your Data-Driven Digital Transformation Journey

Organizations leverage internal and external data to anticipate customer needs, provide better service, deliver better outcomes, and disrupt existing markets with business models. The amount of analyzed data that is “touched” by cognitive systems will grow by a factor of 100 to 1.4ZB in 2025. And it’s no surprise that studies are predicting more than [...]

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Are You Ready for a Next-Generation Data Strategy?

Are you harnessing the power of big data? Successful organizations require high-performance data capabilities to reduce the cost of stockpiling multi-structured data, and to improve computation for strategic analytics assets. The Sirius Data & Analytics practice designed a mini-workshop series to help clients understand the extraordinary benefits of IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS). Join Sirius [...]

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Sirius White Paper: Multi-Modal Data

Data warehousing used to be simple. If you wanted to stockpile and organize your data for analytics purposes, you spun up an extra database instance of whatever database platform your organization standardized on, connected your ETL tool of choice, modeled the data, wrote a few ETL routines, and set up regular refreshes. Today, things have [...]

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Analytics: Prediction, Predication or Predation?

The term “predictive analysis” may invoke an image of giant machines crunching massive permutations of seemingly irrelevant data into nuggets of actionable information. It can just as likely invoke an image of agitated analysts running to and fro in a high-pressure atmosphere. Indisputably, some look suspiciously at this notion of predicting the future. Predictive analytics [...]

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Three Things You Need for Powerful Analytics and End-to-end Visibility

The growth and complexity of machine data is continually heightening the need for a solid high-performance infrastructure. Traditional IT infrastructure is ill-suited to address growing data needs. In addition, reducing complexity, improving data security and eliminating any bottlenecks are top priorities for many organizations. How do you find a complete solution that simplifies your delivery [...]

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