What must be secured? How should it be secured? And who should have access?

Because of malicious breaches, theft of proprietary data and compliance requirements, security is now a priority for virtually every organization – and these are the three top-level security questions facing any organization. What are you doing to ensure your organization has the answers?

Let us help you create a plan

Sirius offers a variety of consulting and integration services to help you establish and execute a security plan that fits your business. Whether you need to implement a new security program, or improve on one you already have in place, Sirius can help with specific solutions for policies and procedures, securing identity and access, applications, infrastructure and data.

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Sirius Security Architecture Reviews

Sirius offers a holistic, cross-brand approach to assessing threats, providing best-of-breed security products and services, and protecting clients’ businesses from potentially devastating compromises. We offer complimentary technical Security Architecture Reviews that identify gaps and provide specific and actionable recommendations for remediation. Our certified security consultant will help you develop a high-level understanding of your security controls; identify areas that may require attention; and prioritize any changes or enhancements.

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Sirius Security Offerings

Sirius provides clients of all sizes, and across all industries, access to certified security experts with experience in multiple security disciplines and industries. Our offerings include:

  • Securing & Protecting Identities: Providing consistent, secure access to resources and the individuals who require it, while blocking unauthorized access.
  • Securing & Protecting Data: Ensuring proprietary data is protected from compromise.
  • Securing & Protecting Applications: Ensuring that business-critical applications are not compromised.
  • Securing & Protecting Infrastructure: Tools and services for managing and protecting servers, storage, networks, and client/edge devices like desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM): Proactive, holistic monitoring and analysis of alerts generated by network hardware and applications, to enable fast response to threats and breaches before the damage is done.
  • Managed Security Services & Managed Application Services: Sirius-provided services that relieve the burden of staffing, monitoring and responding to security threats.

Sirius can help ensure your organization stays compliant and has the necessary tools to keep it protected against current and future threats. Contact us today to learn more about our security consulting services and to set up your complimentary Security Architecture Review.

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