Can your business respond to change and opportunity as fast as your customers demand?

Are you adjusting as fast as your competition? Sirius’ Business Agility Practice can affect real change in your organization by empowering IT to be more flexible in addressing emerging requirements – including adjusting priorities to meet needs of your clients and identifying fixes – so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Create a business advantage

Business agility is a must for companies looking to achieve a competitive advantage that supports innovation and growth, including higher-quality solutions that fulfill stakeholder needs more rapidly. Here are just a few of the ways your organization can benefit:

  • Real-time access to performance metrics
  • Visibility into processes for effective decision making
  • Innovative measures to integrate customer information
  • Improved business efficiency and reduced costs

Sirius offers these Business Agility Services that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business, and the customer-collaborative approach of our national software experts can provide the high-level technical support, solution planning and adoption, development and implementation your organization needs.

Learn more about our Business Agility Services Offerings by viewing the Sirius Services Catalog.

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Deliver better software faster

In today’s fast-paced world, requirements and priorities change frequently. Unlike traditional software development practices, Agile incorporates close, cross-functional collaboration and frequent planning and feedback as fundamental tenets inherent to the evolution of a software system. Organizations that utilize Agile project management are able to adjust priorities as needed so they can respond quickly to their customers’ needs, identify fixes, and get to market faster.

Download: Deliver better results, reduce cost and improve your ROI using Agile.

Sirius Business Agility Solutions

Though Sirius has vast skills in many areas, our Business Agility Solutions are specifically targeted to these key areas:

  • Agile Process and Decision Management: Rapidly monitor, evaluate, control and improve the way work flows through and across departments in your organization; e.g., speed the process of bringing a new product to market.
  • Agile Integration: Create an enterprise-grade framework for connecting your applications to each other and to the outside world that is less-fragile and more able to leverage your existing resources in new ways instead of having them slow you down; e.g., mobile applications are most powerful when they expose your current back end functionality on a mobile device – mobile devices demand agility and an agile integration platform will provide that.
  • Agile Development (DevOps): Developers can’t produce releases monthly or even weekly in today’s mobile-centric, agile marketplace. Successful companies have embraced radical new tooling and a whole new lifecycle to get from concept to deployment. Sirius provides deep assessments of your existing DevOps capabilities and can advise and implement improvements.

Whether you are looking to be more agile in adapting to changes in how your enterprise does its work, how your systems work with others, or how your systems can serve you with less risk, Sirius can help.

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