Empowering your resources, including people and information

Wherever there is information there is software. It can be a few lines of code or an enterprise commerce system driving a million transactions an hour or anything in between. Basically, software provides the logic and organization to govern information that exists at all levels.

Software solutions can make your company more competitive

Every project is guided with a Sirius-developed methodology (called STRATUS) that will take you from discovery through delivery of your software solution. The Sirius team can design and integrate software applications that are comprised of multiple software layers from different vendors.

Thousands of clients are working with Sirius teams to develop new applications and/or integrate existing applications, databases, industry solutions, and operating systems. Certified development capabilities are central, but in an even broader spectrum, Sirius brings value in many different ways, including:

  • One point of contact for support
  • Software subscription management
  • Software licensing cost savings
  • Managed services for software environments
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Sirius Software Applications & Business Solutions

Sirius software developers, architects, project managers and business analysts align IT solutions with your business strategy by helping you evaluate, acquire and implement software solutions that take advantage of your specific business priorities. We use proven software technologies and adhere to best practices by following a unique solution methodology created within Sirius. Our software services are based on the IBM Software portfolio as well as Microsoft, HP, Oracle, VMware, Symantec, Citrix, and more. We have experience integrating and developing software solutions for clients in all industries and of all sizes. The practice supports all operating systems and all database technologies running in any environment of systems, storage, and ISV applications.

Application Development: Custom software gives clients scalability, guaranteed maintenance and integration into their business’ existing software environment

Business Agility: Achieve a competitive advantage that supports innovation and growth and higher-quality solutions so you can stay ahead of the competition

Business Analytics: Gaining deeper insight from your data helps you utilize that information to support better business decisions and advance critical strategies

Business Continuity: Preparing and protecting your entire organization by designing, implementing and managing high-availability and recovery plans and solutions

Collaboration: Increase the speed at which business is done, as ideas are generated faster, shared more efficiently, and people are quickly aligned with rapidly changing business agendas

Commerce: Maximize your ROI by giving you a full 360-degree view of all your customer touchpoints

Digital Strategy & Design: Tools and expertise to drive customer engagement spanning traditional, mobile and social channels

Information Management Mitigate risk, encourage accountability and remain compliant with government and industry regulations by acquiring information, organizing it, managing it, backing it up and protecting it

Mobility Enterprise: Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase employee productivity and enhance their competitive advantage

Security & Compliance: Comprehensive approach to manage risk and IT security by helping you protect every aspect of your organization, including people, policies, processes and governance

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