IT Automation Made Easy with Sirius and VMware

Sirius and VMware partner to offer IT Automation solutions that will benefit your business. The native integration of VMware NSX network virtualization and vRealize Automation bring together compute, storage, network and security virtualization for reliable [...]

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Sirius Introduces Utility Financing for Storage and Compute

Sirius Utility Financing is a new, in-house financial structure created for Sirius clients that want to structure flexible payments for storage or compute capacity that fluctuates from month to month. While there are many variations [...]

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Six Steps to Stronger IT

By 2018, 25% of data center investments will go to supporting next-gen workloads. In the next two years, 30% of businesses will experience failure due to hardware obsolescence. Last-generation IT assets can’t perform to today’s [...]

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Multi-Modal Data: Data Warehousing Isn’t What It Used to Be – Part Two

In this part two series of Multi-Modal Data blog, you will learn which modality is best for you. Click here to read part one of this blog series, which covers the differences of the various [...]

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Multi-Modal Data: Data Warehousing Isn’t What It Used to Be – Part One

Data warehousing used to be simple. If you wanted to stockpile and organize your data for analytics purposes, you spun up an extra database instance of whatever database platform your organization standardized on, connected your [...]

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