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Wendi O'Neill is the Splunk Platform Leader for Sirius Computer Solutions.

Why Analytics-driven Cybersecurity?

The Golden State Warriors NBA team collects data on just about everything. In fact, its ability to pull analytics from data has played a key role in turning one of the league’s historically worst franchises into one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world. Warriors’ management has attributed some of its recent success [...]

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Sirius and Women’s Forum to Sponsor Career Pursuits Workshop

In 2016, Sirius launched its Women’s Forum – an internal organization designed to promote awareness and growth for women in technology. The goal of the Women’s Forum is to embark on specific activities, tasks and behavioral changes that help develop, grow and empower women, individuals and leaders at Sirius, and focuses on initiatives that create [...]

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Why Analytics-Driven Security is the Way to Go

Since advanced security threats are hard to detect, simple monitoring of traditional security events is no longer enough. Organizations need to be armed with a complete security posture that taps their data, providing valuable context to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. According to a recent Gartner study, by 2020, 60% of enterprise [...]

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Three Things You Need for Powerful Analytics and End-to-end Visibility

The growth and complexity of machine data is continually heightening the need for a solid high-performance infrastructure. Traditional IT infrastructure is ill-suited to address growing data needs. In addition, reducing complexity, improving data security and eliminating any bottlenecks are top priorities for many organizations. How do you find a complete solution that simplifies your delivery [...]

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Simplify Your Infrastructure and Visualize Your Data

Your IT environment is complex. Visibility across your applications and infrastructure can be challenging. Without clear line of sight, how can you ensure everything works flawlessly and in harmony? On October 20, Sirius will host a live webinar sharing the competencies of IT-operation analytics using Splunk Enterprise and Nutanix. You will hear from industry experts [...]

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Hey Big Data, what’s your problem?!

Do you ever wish you could gather up ALL your machine data, lock it in a room, and grill it for answers until you find all the faults in your IT infrastructure? Come on Big Data, I want to identify your problems, get answers, and find new business insights. Is that too much to ask? [...]

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Get Started with Mobility Today!

The Sirius Mobile team is excited for the launch of our new Mobility Solutions video!  In less than three minutes, we explore the business value and challenges of becoming a mobile enterprise that enables you to attract new employees and customers, increase existing loyalty, and transform your business. The video highlights key elements and considerations [...]

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No-Charge Workshop for Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Are you struggling with how to determine what enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions are best for your business? Are you trying to figure out how to manage and control Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options and/or corporate owned-devices? You are not alone. Sirius can help you identify specific solutions, develop strategies and more for your business’ [...]

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Mobility’s Next Big Thing: Serviceability and Usability!

Have you ever downloaded a mobile application only to find it is not that easy to navigate, response time is poor, and you are not getting the information you want when you want it? Is your own company suffering a mobile Web misfire, a two-star app, or worse? First- and second-generation apps are sunsetting! We [...]

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Grow Your Business by Becoming a Mobile Leader

Is your mobile strategy giving you flashbacks to the ’90s?! The first wave of digitization came with the Internet in the ’90s, when companies realized they need to run -- not walk -- to get their business online. The Internet fundamentally changed the way business was done. Companies significantly increased their investment and focus on [...]

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