Executive Bio: Steve Dowling, VP of Cloud Strategy

As vice president for Infrastructure Strategy, Steve Dowling is responsible for the line of business encompassing servers, converged platforms and virtualization. Mr. Dowling’s team consists of industry-leading engineers who are expert at infrastructure design and deployment, who now also specialize in the exploitation of emerging and disruptive technologies. They help Sirius clients design, develop, retain or change IT platform capabilities so they align with business logic.

Mr. Dowling’s IT career began in 2001 and has been heavily weighted toward security, enterprise architecture, and IT operations consulting. He built out Sirius’ IT Consulting team in the East, serving as its director prior to assuming responsibility for the new Converged Infrastructure brand in 2013.

He received his undergraduate degree from Auburn University and graduate degrees from the University of Arkansas and Rensselaer Polytechnic University, and he taught at Cornell University from 1990 to 1995.

Mr. Dowling was a career U.S. Marine Corps officer and retired as the commander of Aviation Logistics Squadron 26 at Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina, where his mission was precision logistics support of combat and training flight operations across the country and around the world.